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Ki Shin

International Kishin Ryu






Since 1967 study of martial arts of Japanese origin predominant (Judo, Aikido, Kenjutsu, Kobudo ...). He is Master 7th degree World Organization of Self Defence and 7th dan Haragei Kenjutsu Kobudo. In January 2012, then 7th dan, he received the title of Aikido Shihan. In 2016, Master Tesshin Hamada President of the DNBK with the Honbu gave him the samurai title of Hanshi. He has been Chairman of KIIA since 2001.

Master Masamichi Noro disciple of Master Morihei Ueshiba (resident student - uchi-deshi) is a pioneer of Aikido. Master Ueshiba Moriheï, founder of Aikido, sent him as Official Delegate of Aikido for Europe and Africa. He arrived in the south of France on 3 September 1961. The dojo Nîmes (Judo Club Gard) was one of the first destinations, the Aikido section created in 1956 grew from his teaching as well as other Masters and Experts (Tadashi Abe, Nocquet Andre, Nakazano Masahiro, Tamura Nobuyoshi ... etc ...). At the time, the Nîmes Centre Martial Arts (CNAM) was created by Villaret P. and J., always students Noro Masamichi. Thomas Hubert begins with these bases the study of Aikido with training and repeated demonstrations under the direction of Noro Masamichi Sensei. He was also a pupil of André Nocquet who will validate him 3rd dan in 1981 and regional technical director in Aikidoof successive federations until the end of 1985.

In 1979, Master Noro Masamichi had left the Tokyo Aikikai. The KIIA was created in 2001 following the proposal Noro Masamichi Sensei and he is the honorary president until he passed away.

In the tradition of budō in 2006, Noro Masamichi developped his art with the concepts of Ki and Shin. Unfortunately, he passed away on 15 March 2013 after paving our way for many years.