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Les cours
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Hubert Thomas Kinomichi Aikido Noro
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Ki Shin



International Kishin Ryu



Historical of the dōjō
Historical of the dōjō



'We must feel the rhythm of the partner and push his breath by one's own. Hence the strength of a technique. This is the kokyu'.

'The sword is a perfect beauty. It is the mirror of the soul. He must hold firmly to keep it from falling hands but at the same time, we must all feel the blade and beyond'.

'If I could explain my art, I would not need to study'.

Noro Masamichi Senseï.



Aïkimag 2011 - Hubert THOMAS

..."The two partners, by listening to each other, create a movement. This physical and mental dynamics creates this search of " breath”. A pedagogy of using ki has based on Western thought. The purpose is to establish a flow of strength, energy, from bottom to top, from earth to heaven. Ground support to the partner is essential. Center becomes as much a path as generation. A stability is settled between the upward and downward gravitational forces.The body expression through movement thus generates ki, a one force, one energy. The right balance is the support of ki. Technique allows to convey the Ki. Ki supports gesture. The vision, sound, body shapes, including facial, hand, fingers ... are thus moulded. The more the member progresses, the more his shin gets sensitive. With the concept of heart and mental, one can deeply feel the partner while in motion. The technique result is worthwhile for both partners. The result of intent leads to opening. Intention. It is linked to the mind and the relationship of "heart to heart". The shin regulates the rhythm. This unique pace allows both partners to strive for harmonious blending in motion.Then, the uniqueness of mind at that moment creates the intent of opening which at same time wraps and paradoxically leads to the attraction"...

"My technique is love." Ueshiba Moriheï.