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Hubert Thomas Kinomichi Aikido Noro



Ki Shin

International Kishin Ryu



Historical of the dōjō
Historical of the dōjō



2th dan 1978  with his

 professor Jacqueline Villaret

with Jacqueline Villaret,  Jean Daniel Cauhepe et Maître André Nocquet

"I erased the warrior spirit of attack, so combative forms of defense. The techniques of Aikido are used as vectors of communication, in the spirit defined by O Sensei Morihei Ueshiba." Noro Masamichi Sensei




Master Masamichi Noro

Lucien Forni

Jean Pierre Cortier


8th Hanshi dan DNBK*

7th dan Kinomichi UFA** (FFAAA)

Shihan Aikido

*Dai Nippon Butoku Kai General Corporation

**Union of Aïkido Federations

History of THOMAS Hubert

          Current functions:

President of Kinomichi International Instructors Association.

International Representative of Nippon Dai Butokukai General Corporation (DNBKID).

Leader of the technical commission of FFAAA de Kinomichi (France).

          Training in Budōs:

In addition to his studies and his activity as Medical Doctor specializing in anesthesiology and intensive care practicing acupuncture, he has been studying martial arts since the age of 11 (1967) with the main discipline of Aikido and Kinomichi (Judo, Kenjutsu Kobudo, introduction to Karate and Chinese arts ... with a degree from the Master 7th degree World Organization of Self Defence in 2009).

As a teenager, he began studying Aikido on the technical bases taught by Master Masamichi Noro with repeated workshops and international demonstrations under his direction. He was also a student of Nocquet Andre who will validate after 3rd dan exam in 1981. He was regional technical director in Aikido for successive federations until late 1985. He followed courses with many experts (including H Kobayashi, N Tamura, JD Cauhepe, K Asai ...).

Kinomichi was created in 1979.

From 1996, he received direct training from Master Masamichi Noro until he passed away in 2013, in his successive dojos with also private internal training. He is president of KIIA since its creation in 2001, Master Masamichi Noro being honorary president.

Disciple instructor of Noro Masamichi Sensei, in January 2012 then 7th dan, he received the title of Shihan Aikido in Japan.

n 2016, in Japan according to the martial tradition and after tests and exams in Japan in the USA and in Europe allowing the attribution of an eighth dan in 2015, Master Tesshin Hamada President of the Dai Nippon Butoku Kai General Corporation, with the Honbu, He gave him and his companions Jean Pierre Cortier and Lucien Forni the title of Hanshi.