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Hubert Thomas Kinomichi Aikido Noro
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Noro Masmaichi Sensei
Hubert Thomas Kinomichi Aikido Noro



Ki Shin

International Kishin Ryu



Historical of the dōjō
Historical of the dōjō



2th dan 1978  with his

 professor Jacqueline Villaret

with Jacqueline Villaret,  Jean Daniel Cauhepe et Maître André Nocquet

"I erased the warrior spirit of attack, so combative forms of defense. The techniques of Aikido are used as vectors of communication, in the spirit defined by O Sensei Morihei Ueshiba." Noro Masamichi Sensei



Maître Masamichi Noro

Lucien Forni

Jean Pierre Cortier


Hubert THOMAS Hanshi

8th dan DNBK*, 7th dan UFA** (FFAAA),Shihan

disciple instructor of Noro Masamichi Sensei

*Dai Nippon Butoku Kai General Corporation Japan

**Union of Aikido Fédérations France

        Current functions:

President of the Kinomichi International Instructors Association.

International Representative of Nippon Dai Butokukai General Corporation (DNBKID).

Head of the FFAAA technical commission of Kinomichi (France) and President of the French Institute of Kinomichi.


Parallel to his studies and his activity as a medical doctor specializing in anesthesiology and intensive care, he studied continuously since the age of 11 (1967) the martial arts (Budōs) with main disciplines Aikido and Kinomichi. He also practiced Judo (up to 1st dan), Kenjutsu Kobudo (early 1975 - 7th dan Haragei), Karate (initiations - 1975), Chinese arts in the 80s (private initiation with Jean Marc Mineo first Western World Champion of kungfu in 1987) ... with a Master 7th degree World Organization of Self Defense title in 2009.

He also studied human biomechanics with Dominique Bonneau MD (masterclass - Higher Institute of Manual Therapy), acupuncture in university courses, among others, with Nadia Volf MD (teaching of scientific acupuncture in Paris and masterclass - Associate Professor of Neuropharmacology, Faculty of Medicine, Leningrad), Japanese Acupuncture with David Euler MD (Masterclass - Harvard Professor).

All this strongly influences martial practice and the education provided.


As a teenager, he started studying Aikido on the technical bases taught by Master Masamichi Noro (parallel to Judo for 8 years). In the 1970s, he conducted repeated Aikido courses and international demonstrations under his direction. He was also a pupil of André Nocquet who will give him after examination the 3rd dan. He was regional technical director in Aikido for successive federations until the end of 1985 and he followed courses with many experts (including H Kobayashi, Tamura N, JD Cauhepe, K Asaï ...).

        1986 - 2002

In 1986, he again did a first summer internship with Master Masamichi Noro of this discipline emerging from Aikido and created by him in 1979: the Kinomichi. He also continued to teach Aikido and practice it with other Budōs.

From 1996, he enjoys in the successive dojos a direct training by Master Masamichi Noro. At the same time, he received internal and private training. He has been teaching Kinomichi since 1997.

In 2000, Master Masamichi Noro decided to join the FFAAA, Kinomichi being recognized by the Ministry of Sports in France as a discipline close to Aikido using the same techniques with a different pedagogy. The Kinomichi International Instructors Association (KIIA) was created in 2001. He became President until now, Master Masamichi Noro being Honorary President until he passed away in March 2013.

        2002  - today

From 2002, Master Masamichi Noro decided to direct the Kinomichi in a search to approach Aikido as he had perceived it from his Master Ueshiba Moriheï. Hubert Thomas will assist him with the implementation of the Kinomichi FFAAA monitorat created in 2008 and for the creation of the nomenclature finalized in 2011.

In January 2012, then 7th dan, he received the title of Shihan Aikido in Japan.

Unfortunately, Master Masamichi Noro passed away in March 2013 ...

In 2015, he received an eighth dan (Japan) after tests and exams in Japan in the USA and in Europe (gasshuku ...).

In 2016, in Japan according to the martial tradition, Hanshi Tesshin Hamada President of the Dai Nippon Butoku Kai General Corporation, with the Honbu, gave him in Japan as well as his companions Jean Pierre Cortier and Lucien Forni, the title of Hanshi.

In 2018 in accordance with the wishes of his Master, via KIIA and in collaboration with the FFAAA and its President Francisco Dias, he participated in the realization of the establishment of the DAN state ranks in France (CSDGE) and the establishment of official diplomas. He had official validation by the Union of Aikido Federations (UFA) of his 7th dan rank in 2012. He is responsible for the Kinomichi federal technical commission to the FFAAA.

In 2019, in order to finalize the establishment of the discipline, he accepted to be elected to the presidency of the French Institute of Kinomichi, organ of the FFAAA created the same year.