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Hubert Thomas Kinomichi Aikido Noro



Ki Shin

International Kishin Ryu



Historical of the dōjō



2008 Masamichi Noro interview a man in peace:

"It was not my desire at the base but it became inevitable, my teaching was changing. Here's how the Kinomichi was established in 1979. Sometimes people ask me why I stopped Aikido. I have not stopped. "


Certifications of the teacher:

Teaching of Kinomichi, affinity discipline of Aikido, with the TC of BE and the diploma FFAAA option Kinomichi.

Hanshi's title in 2016 (Shōgō system) after being named Hachidan (2015) of Dai Nippon Butoku Kai General Corporation (DNBK) and Shihan (2012).

Curriculum of the teacher:

Disciple instructor of Noro Masamichi Sensei, Founder of Kinomichi, Shihan Aikido and disciple of Ueshiba Morihei.

Uninterrupted multidisciplinary training in the Budōs since the age of 11 (1967).

In Aikido, study with Noro Masamichi Sensei and other Japanese and French experts, including Master André Nocquet.

Functions in teaching:

Beginning of teaching by Aikido in 1975 as assistant and since 2007 teaching to instructors and practitioners of Kinomichi.

Federal Regional Technical Director for Master André Nocquet from 1981 to 1985.

From his establishment in 2001 to date, President of the Kinomichi International Instructors Association, Noro Masamichi Sensei as Honorary President until he passed away in 2013.

International Representative of the international division of DNBK since 2015.

Head of the Kinomichi FFAAA technical commission created in 2017.

Complements to the training in the Budōs of the teacher:

Medical doctor anesthesiologist and intensive care practicing acupuncture, training in human biomechanic.

Master 7th degree World Organization of Self Defense.

2007 with

Maître Masamichi Noro

Lucien Forni

Jean Pierre Cortier

2th dan 1978  with his

 professor Jacqueline Villaret

with Jacqueline Villaret,  Jean Daniel Cauhepe et Maître André Nocquet